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General Questions

  • What is BKNotes?
  • BKNotes is a note-taking iOS software when you are reading books, which helps you make excerpts, notes and collect your thoughts, ideas, comments during reading time. It focuses on the book-reading activity, especially suitable for students, researchers, avid book readers or anyone who enjoys reading books.

  • What is the difference between version BKNotes Pro and BKNotes Lite?
  • BKNotes Pro is the paid version with full advanced functionality like OCR, barcode-scanning, data backup/restore, password protect, etc, while BKNotes Lite is the free version which is for trial purpose and therefore only output random parts of OCRed text and doesn’t include  data restore feature.

  • Can I upgrade to BKNotes Pro directly from BKNotes Lite?
  • No, BKNote Pro and BKNote Lite are actually different stand-alone app, which means you cannot upgrade directly from BKNote Lite to Pro version. You have to buy BKNotes Pro in App Store if you want to upgrade. However, backup data from Lite version, and restore the data in Pro version will transfer all your notes data and book library to new bought BKNotes Pro. So you won’t bother to re-input all your old notes or risk losing any data.

Working with Books

  • How can I add a new book?
  • You can add book very easily and directly from internet. Go to your book library, click up-right “+” icon to bring up new book dialog, enter the book title or ISBN and find, yes it shows! Touch big “+” button to add the book to your library.

  • What if my book cannot be found online?
  • No problem, you can still add the new book manually. Open the new book dialog, manually enter the book title, author, description information and touch “+” button to add it to your library.

  • Why I can’t remove the book from my library?
  • Most time, you don’t need to remove book from your library, and it will also remove your notes of that book. But you still can remove it by swiping right on the book item, and click the “x” delete button displayed.

Working with Notes

  • How many notes can I take?
  • As many as you wish, BKNotes doesn’t have limit on the notes you can take.

  • Can I attach snapshot of book page to my notes?
  • Yes, just open the target note,  click the center “add snapshot” button to launch camera to take photo of you book page, and then it’s automatically inserted to your current note

  • Can I remove the snapshot attached?
  • Yes, just touch the “x” icon at the right-down corner of the snapshot. When snapshot removed, you can add and attach new photo as you wish.

  • What is the red sticky note called “Page” on my note?
  • It indicates the book page number you are taking notes of. You can touch the “Page” area and input the actual page number. If you leave it empty for new note, BKNotes automatically fills it with page 999.

  • Why is my snapshot missing or changed after I modify the sticky page number of my note?
  • It’s by design, because snapshot are attached to target book page. If you modify your page number, BKNotes will automatically load corresponding snapshot.


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  1. billy April 9th, 2010 10:18 PM

    want to increase and flip notes,perfect!!!

  2. Ryefone April 27th, 2010 5:47 PM

    Thanks for your feedback. This feature will be added in future version.

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